I opened this espresso bar when I was 20 on my summer break from UCLA. I haven't made it back to class yet but I had three years of fun, harsh learning, love and met some amazing people.

  These are a few examples of my photo restoration talents.  
The owners of Highland Grounds (Now 'The Dive') are my La mom and dad.  They were loving enough to let me paint the front of their restaurant.

Ok one of my first Photoshop  things,  but I had to duct tape a camera to a tree in the middle of the southern Alabama forest.  Then set the 'timer' and run across a 15' stream (naked),climb a tree, and be a fairy relaxing and basking in the sun

After I had painted Highland Grounds, The Black crowes commissioned me to paint backdrops for their Amorica tour.  There must have been some confusion.  I haven't seen them used.

This is a tshirt print I made in conjunction with someone who worked and surfed the Seaside Bananna Garden.  The only other bananna farm in The states located in California.


The Gospel Music Events came into my life when my best friend Brian introduced me to Frank Badami.

Learning is a choice.  I was bored one day and this started flying out of my head. It began as a pencile (#2) scribble and then I had the idea to scan it so I could use photoshop to upgrade to a #4 and got carried away.


My friend/neighbor and I created this T-shirt. It was her Idea, and Chad Crowe gave us permission to use his Amazing caricatures.  This an instalment My neighbor Sandy and I created in memory of Mel Blanc for El dia del muerte at the Hollywood Forever cemetery.  We won 2nd Place.
This project was fun for me because the photographs of the models didn't have any particular month of the calendar assigned to them, so I had the freedom to choose based on their poses and locations. Each pic at least 50% Adobe something or other. We were making Posters and tshirts for the anniversary of James deans death.
A Birthdday card I keep revamping for different people. This is a sketch I charcoaled from one of Billy Joels album covers. I skipped High school for two days to finsh it, but in my defense it's poster size.  That's alot of charcoal.
This is a faux album cover designed for a joke on how songs and images from our past affect us years later. A rendition of a friend at Burning Man
Our Land lord cut down these huge ancient trees at our building which really pissed me off, so being the tree hugger I am, I asked Jan Sweiterman to photo me naked on the fresh stump. My Brother used to have an alter ego called Scary the clown.  Scary knew Yoko too.
I was asked to creat an invitation for a theme party,  Guess the theme. It has something to do with gambling in Vegas.
Awww  just the wonderful world of penciled art, the big kid Crayon.
All mine from scratch to finish And a classic example of people not knowing what they want.  These are only the half I liked from a batch of an everchanging mind which was not mine.
Hey! My mom sends me a picture of her cat, and I went with it. The red eye is intentional. I was asked to make a Tarot card for a deck and I chose three of swords. Echo fades into the landscape after losing her love Narcissus to his own reflection.  That's the short version.
My friend in the pic gave me permission to play with this photo that her photographer friend gave her permission to give to me.  I really loved the photo and needed to show her what I saw in my head. Oh, she wasn't drinking or drooling.
So I answered an ad on craig's list to turn this woman into a "Bewitched" like character, but more detailed and with an edge.  She didn't like how I saw her. These are early cut and paste Photoshop projects I created merely for learning, but I really like them. They remind of a time in my life when things were JUST AS HARD AS THEY ARE NOW!